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Are you a primary care provider needing non-urgent advice from a specialist?

What is ConnectMD?

Find out how it works, the benefits, and what you can expect.

What is ConnectMD?


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COVID-19 Resources

Better patient care starts with the right connections.

ConnectMD brings specialist advice to the finger-tips of family medicine.

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Alberta Pathway Hub

February 1, 2024

Alberta’s Pathway Hub is the new provincial central location for trusted, evidence-informed clinical, patient and referral pathways. The Hub is available for all referring providers and includes standardized information on management, diagnosis and referral of patients for…

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Submit advice requests online!

June 28, 2023

We are excited to announce that primary care providers can now submit their non-urgent advice requests through the ConnectMD website. While you submit your request online, you will still receive your advice from the…

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Other Services

There are additional options for you to access specialty advice depending on where you are in the province.

This one-pager was created as a reference to assist you in determining which service to use, based on the advice required and your preferences.

Specialist LINK

For Calgary Zone, please visit Specialist Link.

Visit Specialist LINK


Request Advice through Netcare Portal

Visit eReferral


AHS telephone line for urgent or emergent cases