Family Physician FAQ

Family Physician FAQ

  • What number do I use if I want to text in my request?

  • When will I get a call back?

  • What can I ask the specialist?

  • Why can’t I just call the specialist directly?

  • Will I receive anything after the call?

  • What are the fee-for-service billing codes?

  • How will my and my patient’s information be protected?

  • Where are the specialists located?

  • How is this different than RAAPID?

  • How is this different than eReferral Advice Request?

Other Services

There are a number of options for you to access urgent and routine specialty advice in the Edmonton and North zone.  This includes SpecialistLINK, and eReferral for routine advice and RAAPID for urgent or emergent cases.

This one-pager was created as a reference to assist you in determining which service to use, based on the advice required and your preferences.

Click here to view the one-pager.

Specialist LINK

For Calgary Zone, please visit Specialist Link.

Visit Specialist LINK


Request Advice through Netcare Portal

Visit eReferral


AHS telephone line for urgent or emergent cases